Lenzing Expands FR Output For Military Uniforms

Lenzing Group, Austria, plans to expand capacity at its Lenzing, Austria, fiber-manufacturing
facility for the production of Lenzing FR® flame-resistant fiber. The expansion will enable the
company to supply increased volumes of the fiber to TenCate Protective Fabrics, Union City, Ga.,
for use in its Defender™M Lenzing FR/para-aramid-blend fabrics to be used for US armed forces
military combat uniforms
(See “
Fabric Of The Month: Saving Our Troops
,” September/October 2007)

A special amendment to the US National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008 exempts
FR rayon fiber for five years from requirements that it be manufactured in the United States in
order to be used in garments supplied to the US armed forces. Lenzing FR is produced only at the
Lenzing facility, which devotes about 50 percent of its capacity to the production of specialty


TenCate’s Defender M fabric, specified by the US Army and Marine Corps to replace the
nylon/cotton uniform fabric used currently, offers inherent FR properties in addition to moisture
management and breathability. The Lenzing FR/para-aramid blend also can increase the fabric’s
thermal protection properties.

March/April 2008