Invista Invests In Nylon Development Pilot Facility

To support its growth initiatives in North America, Asia and Europe, Invista, Wilmington, Del.,
will invest in an advanced development pilot facility at its Kingston, Ontario, nylon production
plant. The company hopes to develop differentiated next-generation nylon technology by advancing
its engineering and technology used to produce nylon 6,6 and modified nylon products.

“This investment is a demonstration of Invista¹s commitment to bring innovation into existing
markets and to seek value-adding offerings for new markets,” said Jeff Brown, vice president,
Invista Performance Materials Nylon.

“Waste reduction and efficiency improvements in our operations are important elements in our
continued goal to conserve resources and enhance environmental stewardship,” he added. “This
investment will not only be capable of generating step change innovation in new products, it will
also be used to improve the output and yields of existing processes.”

March/April 2008