Diolen Introduces Diofort® Multifilament Yarn

The Netherlands-based Diolen Industrial Fibers has introduced Diofort®, the first high-tenacity
multifilament yarn made with Wilmington, N.C.-based Fortron Industries LLC’s Fortron® polyphenylene
sulfide (PPS) for use in fabrics, nonwovens or textiles, or as reinforcement. The yarn — which can
be combined with carbon, glass and other polymer fibers to produce blended fabrics — features
chemical resistance, flame retardancy, high durability, low water absorption, toughness and the
ability to withstand extremely high temperatures, according to Diolen.

Diofort’s production process comprises plasticizing and extruding Fortron PPS in a
multifilament extruder at the desired diameter, then stretching individual filaments in a defined
temperature range.

Diofort can be used to reinforce hydraulic oil hoses in power steering systems, reducing
vibration and noise; and composites for use in aerospace systems.

September/October 2007