Honeywell Introduces Spectra Shield® II

Morristown, N.J.-based Honeywell has
developed Spectra Shield® II, a new line of ballistic materials for body and vehicle armor that
incorporates Honeywell’s Spectra S3000 fiber, produced from ultra-high molecular weight
polyethylene using a patented gel-spinning process. The materials provide up to 20-percent greater
ballistic performance than the company’s first Spectra Shield line, according to the company.

Spectra Shield products, which are produced by bonding parallel fiber strands in place with
an advanced resin system, are used in an array of advanced armor systems that incorporate such
products as bullet-resistant vests, breast plates, helmets, military aircraft and vehicles.

“Our armor materials have been used to protect military and police personnel for nearly 20
years,” said Joe Gelo, business director, Advanced Fibers and Composites, Honeywell. “We continue
to invest in improving our materials to meet the future performance requirements of advanced
military and law enforcement agencies. Our latest offering demonstrates our commitment to continued
innovation in the ballistic protection arena.”

Honeywell has upgraded several lines to produce Spectra Shield II and plans to invest in
additional upgrades as demand dictates.

August 7, 2007