Zoltek To Create World’s Largest Carbon Fiber Facility

St. Louis-based carbon fiber
manufacturer Zoltek Cos. Inc. has announced it will use a $14.5 million grant from the Hungarian
government to expand its plant in that country to become the world’s largest carbon fiber
production facility.

The company will add 600 employees over the next few years as a result of the expansion,
which will include modernization of equipment, a quick buildup of manufacturing capacity for
acrylic fiber precursor raw material and carbon fiber, and establishment of a research and
development center.

“We are extremely grateful to the Hungarian government for [its] generous and steadfast
support,” said Zsolt Rumy, chairman, president and CEO, Zoltek. “Zoltek’s strategic goal is to
position the facility to stand at the epicenter of the next great revolution in building materials
in every important sense — from technological as well as marketing and manufacturing perspectives.”&
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May/June 2006