Mohawk Teams With Solutia 3M Brands

Mohawk Industries Inc., Calhoun, Ga.;
Solutia Inc., St. Louis; and 3M, St. Paul, Minn; will team their brands in a new line of carpets
offered by Mohawk. Eighty-plus products will be made with Solutia’s Wear-Dated® carpet fibers and
3M’s Scotchgard® protector advanced repel technology.

“By delivering a unique combination of three well-recognized brands — Wear-Dated, Scotchgard
and Mohawk — we are helping consumers easily identify carpets they can trust,” said Gary Lanser,
general manager, Solutia Wear-Dated. “In addition, we will continue our outstanding tradition of
fiber technology innovation, assuring a stream of options for Mohawk product development for the
retailer and for the consumer.”

January/February 2007