Reliance, Rieter Team Up To Adapt Fiber Spinning Processes

Reliance Industries Ltd., India, and Switzerland-based Rieter Machine Works Ltd. recently
celebrated the opening of the new Reliance Fiber Application Center in Patalanga, India. The new
center includes a complete Rieter trial process line, which will be used to conduct joint trials
with the goal of adapting Reliance’s polyester fiber properties and/or Rieter’s spinning machinery
to gain maximum suitability of both fiber and spinning processes for targeted downstream

The Reliance/Rieter partnership will enable Reliance to test the performance of newly
developed fibers on Rieter machinery before offering them to its customers. It is expected that
changing the fiber properties and fine-tuning the machinery as needed will lead to enhanced
performance of the fibers and improved operational efficiency for spinners.

July/August 2005