DAK Introduces DelCron HydroPur

Combining the benefits of its antimicrobial SteriPur® AM fiber with its moisture-management
Delcron® Hydrotec fiber, Charlotte-based DAK Americas LLC has created Delcron HydroPur, a new
antimicrobial, moisture-management staple polyester fiber.

“Combining moisture-management and antimicrobial properties creates endless opportunities to
improve the existing products, as well as to create new and exciting offerings,” said Jim Netzel,
marketing director, DAK Fibers.

Spartanburg-based Milliken & Companys AlphaSan®, a silver-containing zirconium
phosphate-based ion exchange resin, provides antimicrobial properties to DAK’s Delcron HydroPur.

DAK claims both the antimicrobial and moisture-management properties are durable and will
perform safely for the life of the product.

March 2004