INVISTA Increases Nylon 6 6 Capacity In China England

In order to meet the growing demand in automotive airbag and other inflatable restraint devices
markets, Wilmington, Del.-based INVISTA Inc. has increased its industrial nylon 6,6 production
capacity by 7.5 kilotons at two plants one in China and one in England. According to Invista,
market projections over the next five to eight years point to a tripling in demand for airbag
modules.The production increases are expected to occur in three phases: Phase one is scheduled this
month at the facility in Gloucester, England; phase two in mid-2004 at Invistas Qing Dao, China
plant; and phase three before the end of 2004 in Gloucester.This addition of high-quality
industrial nylon 6,6 capacity is a demonstration of Invistas commitment to grow with the automotive
airbag market, said Dan Stone, global airbag business director. Asia Pacific is projected to grow
in this market and we are excited to have the first nylon 6,6 airbag-capable manufacturing facility
in China as an important initial step.

December 2003