BASF Adds Zeftron 200 To Recylcing Program Builds New Plants

BASF Adds Zefrton 200To Recycling Program, Builds New PlantsBASF Corp., Mount Olive, N.J., has expanded its 6ix Again® nylon recycling program to include Zeftron® 200 upholstery yarns.Upholstery fabrics made with Zeftron 200 nylon will be recycled in a similar manner as carpets returned through the 6ix Again program, now in its eighth year of evolution, said Tim Blount, manager, marketing programs. The nylon fiber will be recovered and then recycled back into virgin quality nylon 6 polymer at BASFs depolymerization plant in Arnprior, Canada.In other company news, BASF is developing an integrated production facility at the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park in China. The facility will convert butane into 80,000 tons of tetrahydrofuran (THF) annually, which will then be converted into 60,000 metric tons of polytetrahydrofuran (PolyTHF®). The plants are expected to come on-line in 2004 and will supply Chinas spandex fibers market. July 2002