Foss Manufacturing Develops FossFiber With AgION

Foss Manufacturing Co. Inc., Hampton, N.H., has introduced FossFiber® with AgION, a new fiber that
protects against a broad spectrum of odor-causing and destructive bacteria, mold and mildew, using
the proven antimicrobial properties of silver. Foss claims fabrics made from FossFiber maintain the
efficacy of its antimicrobial protection for the longevity of the product, even withstanding
multiple launderings.FossFiber with AgION uses a proprietary patented process developed by Foss for
incorporating the AgION antimicrobial, a silver-based agent, into the bicomponent and binder fibers
of fabrics. The design, combined with AgIONs patented delivery system allows for the continual slow
release of silver.AgION is derived from an all-natural, silver-based inorganic compound. The
inorganic structure of AgION provides long-term product protection by controlling the quantity of
silver ions delivered to the surface of the fiber. Foss states that in the bicomponent fibers, the
AgION ingredient is only on the sheath of the fiber, for greatest exposure to the bacteria, and is
not wasted in the core of the fiber. FossFiber will be incorporated under the companys Fosshield
Antimicrobial Technology suite of products. Currently, Foss and its partners are exploring the
development of products with FossFiber for use across a number of industries including the retail,
medical, automotive, technical and decorative fields.

May 2001