Shell Chemicals And KoSa Form Marketing Company

Shell Chemicals and KoSa have announced they have formed a marketing organization to answer
consumer demand for stain-resistant, durable products with outstanding stretch and recovery
properties by speeding the global availability of Corterra polymer-based materials.The Corterra
Polymer marketing organization will be headquartered in Houston, and will focus immediately on
marketing Corterra as polymers, fibers and yarns.Corterra is the trade name for polytrimethylene
terephthalate (PTT), a thermoplastic that can be spun into fibers. Some end uses include carpet,
garments, home furnishings and automotive fabrics.The new company will be owned equally by Shell
Chemical and KoSa. Final contracts and legal documents for the new entity are expected to be signed
soon. It will target the carpet, home furnishings, apparel, automotive and industrial sectors in
North and South America. Shell Chemicals will retain its PTT licensing worldwide and will continue
marketing and sales activities outside the Americas.

May 1999