Norfil Benefits From Flexible Production With Comber E 90

Rieter’s E 90 comber offers a
high level of productivity.

Rieter’s Comber E 90 offers consistent quality thanks to reliable, real-time information with Rieter Quality Monitor.

TW Special Report

Switzerland-based Rieter reports that its latest comber E 90 achieves a high level of productivity. Combined with its high raw material utilization capability and economical energy consumption, the lowest production costs per kilogram of combed sliver may be achieved.

In addition to these E 90 capabilities, Rieter’s customer Brazil-based Norfil S.A. Indústria Têxtil was particularly impressed by the continuous monitoring of the sliver quality. This makes unpleasant surprises in the yarn a thing of the past.

The comber E 90 produces up to 100 kilograms of combed sliver per hour. The high combing speed of 600 nips per minute, as well as the stable and fault-free running behavior of the machine, enable this high standard of productivity. In addition, the E 90 delivers all quality levels with high consistency from yarns with low noil extraction to fine yarns in a class of their own, according to Rieter.

High Flexibility,

Consistent Quality

Flexibility was also an important factor for Norfil when it was considering the E 90 comber. Norfil is a family-owned business in the state of Paraiba founded in 1989. Thanks to continuous investments in technology and automation, the company now produces 2,400 tons of yarn per month. Using raw material from its own cotton plantation, Norfil manufactures high-quality yarn for the apparel industry, with combed cotton yarns as its main product. The company was looking for a comber that could not only deliver consistently high quality, but would also have the capability to produce different quality levels with high consistency. Norfil’s new Rieter E 90 comber meets these expectations. The operating unit is very easy to use, which enables Norfil to flexibly change the quality requirements. The new technology components developed for the E 90 significantly reduce the noil extraction and lead to improved raw-material utilization.

Real-Time Information On Sliver Quality

Production at Norfil takes place with total control over the sliver quality thanks to the Rieter Quality Monitor (RQM) technology. This proven Rieter draw frame technology is now also fully integrated in the E 90 comber. A sensor continuously monitors the sliver quality produced by the comber and constantly delivers exact and reliable information regarding the current quality level. This allows deviations in sliver weight and sliver evenness to be detected early. As a result, unpleasant surprises in the yarn due to changed settings in the comber are a thing of the past at Norfil.

“The new comber E 90 takes many things off our hands so that we can concentrate on our priorities,” said Norfil Owner Fabio Borger. “This is mainly due to the Rieter Quality Monitor (RQM). It is easily adjustable, and we can trust the settings. The comber delivers the promised quality very consistently at a high productivity rate.”

Figure 1: The comber E 90 delivers consistent CV-values at a lower noil level compared to the former model E 62 and E 66.

Quick Change Of Noil Level

Another requirement of Norfil for its new comber was the ability to quickly change the noil level. Using Rieter’s E 90, Norfil can quickly change from 14 percent to 24 percent, which extends the company’s working range and saves raw material. The company can now produce sliver with a low noil level of 14 percent with maximum consistency for Ne 30 at a rate of 550 nips per minute — with enough headroom to easily accelerate to 600 nips per minute if needed (see Figure 1). Thanks to the huge noil savings with the E 90, Norfil also managed to cut costs while maintaining quality.

Rieter has developed new technology components for the E 90 that significantly increase the range of applications of the top comb and circular comb. With this new development, it is possible to reduce the noil extraction amount by 3 percent without the need to change the settings of the top comb and circular comb. As a result, raw material utilization is improved significantly with low noil extraction. Maximum output remains consistent even when producing high-quality yarns.

Norfil is very satisfied with the ongoing support from Rieter technicians throughout the E 90 installation project. In cooperation with Rieter technologists, Norfil was able to implement new ideas, resulting in a new combing process designed for their specific needs. The comber E 90 is the best solution for Norfil and the company has already ordered the next batch of combers.

July/August 2021