Sawgrass Industrial Is Joining Forces With Kiian Digital And J-Teck3 To Create The Largest Industrial Digital Sublimation Group In The World

COMO, Italy — July 24, 2015 — Sawgrass Industrial, the business division of the Sawgrass group operating in sublimation and pigment inks for industrial applications, is joining JK Group, the company which includes the brands Kiian Digital and J-Teck3, to extend the group’s technology capabilities.

As a division of the Sawgrass group — well known innovator and pioneer in digital sublimation with a large portfolio of intellectual property rights — Sawgrass Industrial is a leader in the high-end market of digital sublimation and water-based pigment inks with a wide portfolio of brands, including SubliM and M-Inks. The main applications addressed by Sawgrass Industrial’s products are fashion, sportswear and home décor. Sawgrass Industrial is present mainly in Europe and the Americas, serving key clients both directly and through dealers.

Kiian Digital, J-Teck3 and Sawgrass Industrial have in common a track record of innovation, quality, reliability and are regarded as trusted commercial and technical partners of companies that supply top brands in over 100 countries worldwide. Together they create the largest industrial digital sublimation group with leading technologies, a global presence and a world class manufacturing capability for textile applications.

The Sawgrass Industrial acquisition further enlarges JK Group’s portfolio of advanced inks which are compatible with a wide variety of digital print heads including plotters and high-speed machines. JK Group will maintain its focus on high quality industrial standards and on driving market expansion internationally.

JK Group President, Dennis Wilby, stated, “Following the combination of Kiian Digital and J-Teck3 last year, the addition of Sawgrass Industrial takes the JK Group into a global leadership position in the digital sublimation sector and at the forefront of the textile pigment inks market development.”

JK Group CEO, Alberto De Matthaeis, concluded, “We believe that the synergies of working together will add significant value to the three brands while retaining their independence with separate sales, customer service and product development.”

The CEO and Founder of Sawgrass, Nathan Hale, explains, “We built the digital sublimation business starting in 1988 and expanded into industrial markets a decade ago.  Now that digital mass production is a reality for printing onto textiles, this is a perfect time to form a strong alliance to deliver on what was just a dream.”

The CEO of Sawgrass Europe SA, Dr. Mickael Mheidle, who has led the start up in Basel (Switzerland) in 2006 and the Sawgrass Industrial Division since 2009 and will continue to manage the commercial efforts of the Sawgrass Industrial brands in Europe, stated, ”I am glad to become partner of the JK Group which will significantly increase the market potential of our brand. We will continue to deliver the same outstanding products and technical services to our customers on a platform of increased investment and strategic focus.”

Sawgrass Technologies will continue to operate as an independent company serving the needs of digital printing applications on printers less than 42 inches addressing non-industrial customer needs.

A binding agreement between the parties has been signed and the transaction is expected to complete by the end of July.

Posted July 28, 2015

Source: JK Group