TANATEX Chemicals presents Superior Whiteness with TANASSIST® PROSET

EDE, The Netherlands — June 19, 2015 — TANATEX Chemicals is constantly developing innovative products and concepts to complete and optimize its product portfolio with a special focus on environmental awareness. Today’s textile processing industry is driven by consumer trends and high quality requirements demanded by international brands and retailers.

TANASSIST® PROSET is the latest development in Whiteness Retention; it prevents the yellowing of polyamide (PA) and PA/elastane (EL) fabrics by full white application.

Tanassist Proset is an important part of Tanatex’s “Extreme Whiteness Concept”. The general goal is to achieve the maximum degree of whiteness and to keep it for a long period by considering different environmental circumstances. This unique concept offers solutions during all phases in the production process. Pre-treatment with a special optical brightening agent ensures high standards of (wet) lightfastness and fastness to chlorinated water. An innovative auxiliary prevents problems related to yellowing, caused by antioxidants and stabilizers present in for example packaging materials, even during storage. It ensures high reproducibility and a constant quality of the end product.

Tanassist Proset shows excellent phenolic yellowing inhibiting properties and anti-yellowing effect caused by vanillin and BHT. It has good affinity to polyamide and excellent anti-yellowing properties on knitting fabric in PA/EL blends containing high amount of elastane.

Tanassist Proset is durable, even after many washings. It is very low foaming and pH-adjustment of the application bath is under normal condition not needed, as the product itself set the appropriate acid pH.

Tanassist Proset shows good stability in foulard applications and can be used with anionic and nonionic softeners in finishing. It can also be applied by exhaust.

Tanassist Proset can, in combination with Spanscour Spark, achieve synergy effects in improving the phenolic yellowing – and NOx-fastness, as superior moulding behaviour.

Posted June 23, 2015

Source: Tanatex