AirDye Solutions Announces The Acquisition Of Cheran Digital Imaging And Key Executive Hires

NEW YORK CITY and GAFFNEY, S.C. — June 13, 2014 — AirDye Solutions LLC and Cheran Digital Imaging and Consulting Inc. announced today the acquisition of Cheran Digital by AirDye. Jesse Leskanic, the Founder and President of Cheran Digital, has been named the Chief Technology Officer of AirDye.

The acquisition combines the patented, water-free fabric printing and dyeing capabilities of AirDye with the patent-pending color management software of Cheran Digital. AirDye will apply the Cheran software to its existing printing and dyeing processes, as well as newly acquired digital printing assets to offer the textile market fast and accurate color matching across both processes.

“We immediately recognized the power and uniqueness of the color management approach that Jesse has invented and that Cheran has commercialized in this software,” said Evan Smith, Chief Executive Officer of AirDye Solutions. “Jesse is a true genius, a fourth-generation textile veteran who taught himself computer programming and developed this color management capability over the last decade. This software is globally unique. It enables us to mathematically direct textile coloration to immediately achieve the artwork and color selection of our customers, across different coloration processes. Nothing else can do this. Combined with our disruptive printing and dyeing technology, we now have the ability to shorten the textile supply chain and deliver tremendous economic and environmental efficiencies.”

“This is an industry ripe for change, and we expect to lead that change,” said Jesse Leskanic, the newly appointed CTO of AirDye. “The industry operates today much as it has for the last four centuries, full of delays and waste. The fundamental cause of this is very poor color management from design through bulk production. We are dedicated to changing this. AirDye has been making aggressive investments in disruptive technology innovation, and I felt that combining our companies would create a transformative force in the textile supply chain, which has been the goal of my career.”

AirDye Solutions was formed from the purchase of the assets of Transprint USA/Colorep Inc. in October of 2013 by Fuller Smith Capital Management LLC. The company provides textile design and coloration services, and is developing and acquiring innovative textile technologies.

AirDye used the occasion of the Cheran Digital acquisition to announce a number of recent executive hires. Jeff Tyrrell joined the company as the Vice President of Operations; Mark Lynch was hired as the Vice President of Human Resources; Ben Hanson was hired as the Vice President of Information Systems; and David Michael was hired as the Chief Software Architect, leading a team of software developers that were key contributors to Etsy, Bloomberg L.P., and Sony, among others.

“These new executive hires bring manufacturing optimization and turn-around expertise, as well as leading software development, systems architecture, and database management capabilities,” said Evan Smith. “We believe that the current applications of this color management software and our printing hardware are only the tip of the iceberg. The team that we have assembled will help us to both execute on our core business and to create entirely new business models for the company and for this industry. These are exciting times for AirDye and we look forward to bringing more innovation to the market.”

Posted June 17, 2014

Source: AirDye Solutions