PurThread, Kodak To Develop Antimicrobial Surface Solutions For Healthcare, Military Applications

Durham, N.C.-based antimicrobial textile technology provider PurThread Technologies Inc. and Rochester, N.Y.-based Eastman Kodak Co. have signed a joint development agreement (JDA) under which the companies will use Kodak’s proprietary silver-based antimicrobial technology to develop both hard and soft surface antimicrobial solutions for military and healthcare applications.
The partnership combines PurThread’s knowledge of textile manufacturing technologies, product formulation and understanding of the healthcare and military markets with Kodak’s expertise in materials science including nanoparticle and dispersion technologies.
The announcement comes on the heels of a globally exclusive agreement the companies signed last year under which PurThread is embedding Kodak’s antimicrobial agent into medical textiles and other high-performance fabrics (See “PurThread, Kodak Team To Provide Antimicrobial Technology For Textiles,” TextileWorld.com, November 19, 2013). PurThread’s award-winning process involves embedding Kodak’s antimicrobial agent into man-made fibers at the fiber manufacturing stage, ensuring uniformity and permanent efficacy in the finished product. The proprietary antimicrobial technology stems from Kodak’s know-how related to producing photosensitive materials used in the manufacture of photographic products.
“This JDA builds on our promising collaboration with PurThread to embed Kodak’s technology into fabrics,” said Tom McHugh, general manager, Materials Technology & Business Development, Kodak’s Digital Printing & Enterprise segment. “The demand for antimicrobial surfaces is only going to grow in response to infection prevention efforts around the globe.”
“PurThread products made with Kodak’s EPA-registered antimicrobial agent have performed exceptionally well in protecting fabrics from contamination, and we believe surface applications can be developed with the same high quality and effectiveness,” said Lisa Grimes, CEO, PurThread Technologies. “Healthcare, military and top-tier consumer product companies are searching for powerful antimicrobial surface solutions for their patients, customers and our service-members. We look forward to working with Kodak to develop them.”
The products currently under development are expected to be launched in 2015.
February 18, 2014