Huntsman Broadens Film & Sheet Portfolio

OSNABRUK, Germany — October 14, 2013 — Huntsman has expanded its extensive thermoplastic
polyurethane (TPU) film and sheet portfolio. The company has developed IROGRAN® CA117-200 – a high
performance, plasticizer-free, polyester-based TPU that enables the faster processing of films with
exceptional adhesive properties.

Suitable for use with plastic, fabric and / or wooden substrates, IROGRAN® CA117-200 is
taking the use of extruded TPUs in different directions – opening up film and sheet application
opportunities that previously did not exist because of processing or performance constraints.
Target markets for IROGRAN® CA117-200 include the automotive industry, the production of technical
textiles, and the manufacture of footwear and sports equipment.

Film adhesives based on IROGRAN® CA117-200 offer good chemical and heat resistance. They also
have a non-tacky surface, meaning they can be used without the need for a carrier or release liner
backing. For laminators, the low activation temperature and high green strength of IROGRAN®
CA117-200 will be an attractive proposition, while film manufacturers will appreciate its uniform
quality and ability to deliver more consistent throughput and better gauge control. 

Jaci Grote, Account Manager, USA at Huntsman, said: “Our range of film and sheet solutions is
already the broadest portfolio available. Adding IROGRAN® CA117-200 takes our offering to a new
dimension. The product was developed following discussions with a customer that needed a solution
with a far better melt index range. Competitor solutions just weren’t up to scratch. Using our
understanding and know-how we developed the product taking it from laboratory bench to application
in just three months.”

IROGRAN® CA117-200 is manufactured at Huntsman’s Osnabrück production plant in Germany but is
available globally. The product is one of a number of TPU solutions that will be on display at
Huntsman’s stand (F79 and Hall 8b) at K2013 when the show opens for business on 16 October 2013 in
Dusseldorf, Germany.

Posted October 15, 2013

Source: Huntsman