Huntsman Unveils EverGlide™ Low Friction Systems

Huntsman Textile Effects (HTE), Singapore, has introduced EverGlide™ Low Friction Systems for
activewear including endurance sportswear, cycle shorts, base layer mountain-hiking wear,
equestrian trousers, sports underwear and training/gym wear.

The technology wicks perspiration from the skin, reducing the fabric-to-skin friction often
experienced when apparel becomes saturated with perspiration during strenuous activity. Combined
with HTE’s “cool comfort” moisture-management system that enhances body-temperature regulation and
imparts quick-drying properties, EverGlide can defend against blisters and skin reddening. Huntsman
reports that in relative friction tests based on friction coefficient values on both nylon/elastane
and polyester knits, EverGlide has been shown to be four times more effective than conventional
softeners. The finish also offers a soft, silky hand and enhances fabric resilience and durability.

EverGlide may be applied to all substrates; and its low yellowing properties do not affect
thermomigration or degree of whiteness, even under molding conditions, according to Huntsman.

September/October 2013