DyStar® Launches Remazol® Onyx RGB And Remazol® Midnight Black RGB

Singapore — August 29, 2013 — DyStar® is expanding its successful range of Remazol®1 Deep Black
reactive dyes with two new dyes of outstanding color strength and build-up behaviour.

Remazol® Onyx RGB and Remazol® Midnight Black RGB are newly patented dyes with excellent
properties that include high washing fastness, very low staining on polyamide in fibre blends, good
wash-off behaviour & white discharge ability. They can both be used in exhaust, cold pad batch
and continuous applications. Remazol® Onyx RGB, which is a neutral black, and Remazol® Midnight
Black RGB which is a greenish black have been designed to meet the fastness demands of retailers in
the critical Black shade area.

“Fully complying with Oeko-Tex®2 Standard 100, AOX- & metal-free, and approved by
bluesign®3, Remazol® Onyx RGB and Remazol® Midnight Black RGB represent the best available
technology for the deepest black shades “, says Fanny Vermandel, Marketing Director at DyStar®.

1Remazol is a trademark of DyStar Colours Distribution GmbH

2Oeko-Tex is a trade mark of Forschungsinstitut Hohenstein

3bluesign is a trade mark of bluesign technologies ag

Posted September 3, 2013

Source: DyStar Singapore Pte Ltd.