Navis TubeTex Reports Sale Of Open-Width Processing Line In Ecuador

Lexington, N.C.-based textile finishing machinery manufacturer Navis TubeTex reports that Pinto, an
apparel producer based in Ecuador, has installed a full open-width knit finishing range for its
production needs.

The range comprises a Master-Slitter; a M&W P5V tenter equipped with the CQC (Constant
Quality Concentration) chemical control system and state-of-the-art air flow and control systems,
Integrated Heat Recovery system, and patented heavy-duty P5V vertical chain system; and the TM-100
open-width compactor, which performs tumble-dry testing to control shrinkage in knit fabrics to
less than 3 percent.

According to Navis TubeTex, the line will enable Pinto to produce high-quality apparel at a
reduced cost, compared to its existing process.

December 18, 2012