Monforts Reports Success Of Matex Eco Applicator

Germany-based dyeing and finishing machinery manufacturer A. Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH &
Co. KG reports success of its recently introduced Matex Eco Applicator — a soft coating solution
that offers substantial energy savings by reducing drying times, and can eliminate the need to use
a conventional wet-on-wet padder, according to the company.

The process, which uses trough and roller techniques, applies only the necessary amount of
liquid/coating to the fabric via contact with the roller, Monforts reports. Options include
application of liquid/coating to one or both sides of the fabric, or application of different
liquids/coatings on each side — for example, a soil- or water-repellent finish on one side of the
fabric and a softener on the other side. The process uses a twin roller for double-sided

Monforts reports that compared with a padder operation, the Matex Eco Applicator process
reduces initial moisture content from 60 percent to 40 percent, thereby reducing drying times and
energy costs.

The device can apply finishes including nano coatings, water repellents, softeners, flame
retardants and insect repellents; and is suitable for applications including felt finishes, coated
materials and medical textiles.

July 24, 2012