BRÜCKNER Supplies High-Tech Line To The Turkish Carpet Giant DINARSU

LEONBERG, Germany — June 2012 — Dinarsu Imalat ve Ticaret T.A.Ş has been established in 1955 in
Istanbul for the production of yarn and blankets. In 1975 they began to produce tufting carpets and
Dinarsu developed to one of the moste important industrial complexes in Turkey. In the meantime the
company finished about 10 million m² of floor covering every year, for example tufting carpets,
nonwoven carpets and artifical lawn.

Dinarsu produces high-quality products to remain competitive in the international market. In
the selection of machines and technologies the group concentrates exclusively on European or
American peak technology beginning with the tufting ma-chine via advanced Chromojet printing lines
until coating and finishing lines.

The recently commissioned BRÜCKNER coating line for tufting carpets is one of the biggest of
its kind with a total length of approx. 170 m. The production capacity extends to a maximum of 20
million m² per year depending on the type of fabric and the process. With this line the following
processes can be used:

– pre-spread coating for pile integration

– secondary-back laminating with flat fabric or nonwovens

– foam coating with flat foam or embossed foam

The drying process takes place in 23 DUO-THERM drying zones in total. This dryer type proved
to be excellent for coating in the field of carpets. The gas heated dryer is operated with a
temperature splitting for the thermal treatment of the pile and the coating side. This ensures a
high drying capacity with an operation mode which is very gentle for the pile. Photo 2 shows a
cross section of the DUO-THERM dryer. The separated air circulation of upper and lower air allows
temperature differences of up to 60 °C. With the Venturi mixing system for gas heating a perfect
temperature distribution is achieved. The use of inverter-controlled circulating air fan motors
allows a fast reaction on different types of fabric. This prevents pile deformations. The central
Siemens S7 control system ensures with its styles management in addition a perfect reproducibility
of the production data.

The different coatings are applied as foamed latex mixtures. For this purpose the newly
developed BRÜCKNER carpet application unit is used.

Screen 3 shows a view with foam supply, side dams (with motorized control via edge sensors)
and motorized traversing paste distribution. The chromium plated squeegee is water-cooled to
prevent a adhesion of the latex.

The motorized nip adjustment via spindles is made on both sides and is monitored by angle
encoders. Normally a parallel adjustment is made but also corrections on both sides are possible.
The squeegee can be decharged pneumatically via a four-fold joint. Due to the rotation around the
joint, the squeegee roller gives way not only vertically but also horizontally for example when
passing a seam. This prevents strikes or ruptures of the material.

There are two application units in the described machine, one for the pre-spread and one for
the glue / foam application. The integrated straightener allows to straighten fabric distortions.
In addition, a function “straightening according to pattern” is available. Two camera systems
detect either the carpet back or the pile side and distortions are then corrected fully

The BRÜCKNER group with domicile and production facility in Germany is worldwide known as
leading producer of high-tech lines for the dry finishing of knitted and woven fabric and the
finishing of technical textiles and carpets. As owner-run machinery producer with more than 60
years of tradition and experience BRÜCKNER stands for reliability, continuity and a personal
relationship with our customers. Our development engineers work already today for the innovations
of tomorrow and therefore provide a considerable leading edge for our customers.

Posted on July 10, 2012

Source: Brückner Trockentechnik GmbH & Co. KG