Americhem Debuts NBALANCE™ Product Line

Americhem Inc., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, now offers the nBALANCE™ line of sustainable color and
additive masterbatches. The company used ASTM International’s standards as a guide when developing
the products, which it reports have a reduced environmental impact, consume fewer natural resources
than comparable products, and use minimal energy in manufacturing and distribution.

The line includes defined palettes and technologies for polylactic acid (PLA) and bio
polytrimethylene terephthalate; a post-consumer recycled renewal additive for polyester; nCore®
chemical blowing agents that reduce raw material usage in the creation of lightweight products; and
natural fibers such as flax for use as fillers and for unique aesthetic effects. The company can
customize all of its sustainable solutions vis-à-vis material, production method and other factors.

Americhem also is developing natural colorants based on organic resources; a line of
non-halogenated flame retardants for polyester; and a general-purpose PLA product line for film and
molded applications.

May/June 2012