Sawgrass Technologies Debuts M-XTR™ Pigment Inks

The Industrial Division of Sawgrass Technologies Inc., Charleston, S.C., has introduced M-XTR™
pigment-based inks formulated specifically for high-speed digital textile printing systems.

The inks feature the company’s patented Rheological Modified Ink (RMI™) Technology — a
cylindrical jetting characteristic that creates a more consistent ink drop shape, thereby producing
sharper images with greater color accuracy than prior technologies. Sawgrass reports the technology
uses up to 40-percent less glycols than other ink products on the market, enabling higher pigment
concentrations for richer, higher-density colors and faster drying times.

M-XTR’s binderless formula generates good color vibrancy, good runability and maximum uptime,
even with uncoated fabrics, according to Sawgrass. The company notes, however, that the inks work
best with matched-component fabrics and M-coatings. The inks also eliminate the need for costly
steam and wash steps; pass American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) crock and
wash tests; and provide three-year outdoor durability based on AATCC/International Organization for
Standardization tests.

March/April 2012