Dow Corning Introduces DWR-7000 Soft Hydro Guard

Midland, Mich.-based Dow Corning Corp. has launched a silicone-based emulsion that it reports
provides good water repellency and improved softness to most textile substrates and particularly
cellulosics and blends.

According to Dow Corning, DWR-7000 Soft Hydro Guard has demonstrated durability after 30 home
launderings — performance that is equal to or better than that offered by traditional
fluorocarbon-based water-repellent finishing systems on the market. The emulsion contains no
fluorine, solvents, or alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO).

“Leading brand apparel companies are looking for innovative water repellency technologies
that can provide eco-friendly solutions for their garments without sacrificing comfort,” said
Joanna Giovanoli, marketing manager, Dow Corning Textiles. “With the help of Dow Corning DWR-7000
Soft Hydro Guard, the brands are able to create apparel designed for wet weather. In contrast to
current fluorocarbon technologies, silicon-based emulsions contain no fluorine, solvents or APEOs.
Silicones used in this product exhibit no adverse toxicological effects or evidence of
bioaccumulation and have no effects on soil-living species or on crop growth.”

The company reports the finish also offers good stability and compatibility with most textile
auxiliaries; and does not require heat reactivation or additional performance extenders, softeners
or lubricants. Targeted applications include sports and recreation apparel.

March 13, 2012