Thies Unveils HankMaster Dyeing Machine

Thies GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, reports its hankMaster machine for dyeing specialty and premium
yarns in hank form uses less water and energy than comparable machines, and offers flexible loading
to facilitate handling.


Thies hankMaster dyeing machine for specialty and premium yarns

According to the company, the stainless-steel machine features a specially designed liquor
flow that ensures perfect dyeing for hanked yarns such as wool and soft and mercerized cotton; and
fibers including polyamide, silk, viscose and high-bulk acrylics. Dye temperatures range up to 98°C
at starting liquor ratios as low as 1:5 depending on loading and yarn capacity. Hanks measuring up
to 950 millimeters (mm) in length are rotated on specially designed, 960-mm-long rods that hold up
to 10 kilograms of yarn, eliminating high spots and luster marks; and the machine can be equipped
with two, four, six, eight or 10 rods. Other features include a centrifugal circulation pump;
cartridge heat exchanger; and industrial computer control and monitoring of dyeing and finishing
processes. Automatic dye and chemical dosing using pre-programmed times and curves is available
with analog dosing.

September/October 2011