Alexium Introduces Cleanshell™ Treatment

Alexium Inc., Greer, S.C., is launching Cleanshell™, an advanced process for water- and
oil-repellent treatment of textiles. Based on Reactive Surface Treatment (RST) technology, which
uses microwave technology to apply the treatment rapidly and energy-efficiently, the process
involves encapsulation of a fabric’s fibers with a nanoscopic coating to protect the entire fabric.
Alexium reports Cleanshell offers superior repellency against gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, cooking
oils, acids, solvents, oxidizers and water, without affecting the fabric’s breathability, hand and
drape; and is durable but very lightweight.

Cleanshell may be applied to man-made-fiber fabrics including polyester, nylon,
ballistic-protection and flame-retardant aramids; natural-fiber fabrics including cashmere, cotton
and wool; as well as blends. Alexium will license the treatment to commercial partners as well as
use it on its own Cleanshell product lines.

March/April 2011