TANATEX Chemicals Announces Release Of Actipro™ Probiotic Finish

EDE, The Netherlands — January 18, 2011 — TANATEX Chemicals, one of the world’s leading producers
of textile processing solutions, announces the release of the unique Actipro™ Probiotic Finish.

Actipro™ Probiotic Finish is a natural solution for combating pathogen bacteria and allergens
in textiles, without being destructive for the positive micro-organisms and necessary skin flora.
Actipro™ is something new, safe and effective against undesired growth and reproduction of
allergens. According to Dick van der Schans, Marketing Manager of Vendor Washroom Hygiene, based in
Tilburg, Netherlands: “The use of Actipro™ for our scrim reinforced paper towel will further
distinguish our unique continuous hand drying system from the competition. It will revolutionise
the washroom hygiene market”.

A lot of textiles (e.g. matrasses, carpets, filters etc.) trap dust and debris during their
use, creating an ideal growing place for unwanted pathogen bacteria and allergens. Anti-bacterial
products kill the bacteria, but the resistance to those mechanisms is growing and strengthening
them even more. There is a need for a positive approach. Actipro™ is a probiotic concept and means
‘for life’, not against it and is not harmful to humans, flora and fauna. On Actipro™ treated
textiles bad bacteria and fungi get no chance to grow or reproduce. It reduces bad smells and
allergic effects of house dust mite allergens. Johan Cleyman, Global Project Manager at TANATEX
Chemicals states: “Anti-bacterial products are not the solution to the problem, they are more often
reported to create super germs or anti-biotic resistance. The possibilities for using Actipro™ are
endless and beyond all our scientific imagination”.

Posted on January 25, 2011

Source: Tanatex Chemicals