G. Tosi, Tanatex Develop Low-Temp Bleaching Process

G. Tosi S.p.A., Italy, and Tanatex Chemicals B.V., the Netherlands, have developed the Be Green
low-temperature bleaching process for mercerized cotton. The process, which allows bleaching at
75°C, is based on a low-temperature peroxide activator and uses specially selected dispersants and
surfactants as well as the bleaching activator. The activator controls the peroxide decomposition
to help shorten the process for achieving the required whiteness. Tosi reports the system
simplifies mercerized yarn process cycles. Benefits include reduced total time and water
consumption, a 50-percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, and a 25-percent reduction in
chemical oxygen demand levels in the effluent. Be Green is suitable for whites to be dyed as well
as for full white bleaching including optical bleaching agents.

November/December 2010