Manufacturers Chemicals Introduces Silicat Softeners

Specialty chemicals producer Manufacturers Chemicals LLC, Cleveland, Tenn., reports its Silicat
hybrid softeners impart a similar hand and drape to a fabric, but contain significantly less
silicone than a traditional silicone-based softener. According to Chuck Stieg, the company’s
president, customers have replaced silicones pound-for-pound by using the new technology.

“We have developed a new chemical/mechanical process whereby we make an emulsion of a new
class of non-silicone softener along with traditional amino functional silicones,” Stieg said.
“With this technology we can produce a high performance, highly stable hybrid softener. The
resulting product offers dramatic reductions in silicone content, dramatically lower cost, reduced
possibility of spots, greatly improved flammability, and zero yellowing. The environmental impact
of these softeners is far less than traditional silicone emulsions.”

Manufacturers Chemicals is producing the Silicat line commercially at its Cleveland facility.
The hybrid softeners are available in a variety of concentrations and in both hydrophobic and
hydrophilic versions.

July/August 2010