BASF Sells Melt Additives Business To Techmer PM

BASF SE, Germany, will sell its hydrophilic melt additives business, including intellectual
properties and technical information, to Clinton, Tenn.-based colors and additives manufacturer
Techmer PM LLC. BASF markets the additives under the trademark Irgasurf® HL, which is not included
in the transaction.

“In the course of the integration of the former Ciba Plastic Additives business we have
analyzed our combined offering to the plastics industry and have decided that the Irgasurf HL
products do not fit our strategic scope,” said Soeren Hildebrandt, vice president, global strategic
management and new business development, Performance Chemicals, BASF.

“We are excited about the acquisition of BASF’s hydrophilic melt additives business and are
in a unique position to successfully grow this business because it complements our existing product
line and strong presence in the markets of fibers and nonwovens,” said John R. Manuck, president
and CEO, Techmer PM.

July/August 2010