Huntsman Unveils Albaflow® Uni-01, Oleophobol® CP-C

Huntsman Textile Effects, Singapore, now offers Albaflow® Uni-01, a dyebath penetration agent
suitable for dyeing both natural and man-made fibers. According to the company, the silicone- and
mineral oil-free agent offers good wetting, defoaming and de-aerating performance; and won’t spot
the fabric or leave residue on machinery.

The company also has added Oleophobol® CP-C to its line of Oleophobol CP oil-, water- and
stain-repellent finishes. CP-C is formulated for use on cotton fabrics, man-made fibers and their
blends. Huntsman reports liquids bead up and roll off of treated fabrics, allowing spills to be
blotted off the surface of the textile with an absorbent cloth. The finish was developed through a
Huntsman/DuPont alliance and is part of the DuPont™ Capstone™ product chemistry range. Based on
short-chain chemistry, it offers improved fluorine efficiency and a level of trace impurities below
detection limits.

May/June 2010