SETeMA Unveils Porta-Wash Modular Washing Line

SETeMa BV, the Netherlands, has introduced the Porta-Wash roll-to-roll modular washing line that
provides a long dwell time with minimal water content, minimal fresh water usage and moderate
mechanical impact in line with the requirements of the diffusion wash process.

Each module is equipped with an adjustable vacuum system that can remove polluted water
containing dyestuff and thickener residue from the cloth. Energy-efficient features include a
counter-flow heat exchanger; airflow circulation at the vacuum system; and thermally isolated
walls. A programmable logic controller controls washing speed, water temperature and vacuum per
cloth type in each module.

Porta-Wash comes in three cloth widths; has a full-color, touch-screen interface; and offers
options such as scroll rollers, tension control bars, two types of drying systems, and winding and
unwinding systems.

November/December 2008