Genecor Develops Denim-Finishing System

Rochester, N.Y.-based Genencor recently introduced the IndiStar™ ColorAdjust System
for the denim-finishing market. According to the company, the system enables denim processors to
develop their own formulations to create different denim looks from increased-contrast styles to
highly bleached, vintage looks.

The system comprises IndiStar Active, a highly active laccase enzyme granule; and
IndiStar Control, a denim-bleaching mediator chemical — both of which are gentle enough to use on
fabrics containing elastanes. Formulated using the proprietary Enzoguard™ granulation process,
IndiStar Active granules are protected from inactivation caused by oxygen and humidity. Genencor
states that under normal storage conditions, the IndiStar Control molecule is stable and not
subject to degradation.

“With this new product line, Genencor is extending its product portfolio for denim
treatment from the traditional stonewashing cellulase products to offering an environmentally
friendly solution for replacement of harsh chemicals such as chlorine and permanganate,” said John
Gell, vice president, Textiles and Industrial Specialties, Genencor. “This development will help
consumers to make sustainable choices in order to protect our environment.”

September/October 2007