G3i Launches GreenShield™ Nanofinish

Pittsford, N.Y.-based G3 Technology Innovations LLC (G3i) has introduced
GreenShield™, a soil- and stain-repellent textile finish produced using the principles of green

According to the company, the manufacturing process eliminates waste, and uses
ambient temperature and pressure and water-based solvents, minimizing the use of environmentally
detrimental chemistries as well as the amount of product needed to deliver the desired properties.
The company reports the new finish reduces the use of liquid- and stain-repelling fluorochemicals
by a factor of 10 by using what it calls the principle of micro- and nano-roughness, which creates
a pocket of air between the liquid or stain and the fabric, thereby preventing penetration into the
fabric. GreenShield also safely provides antimicrobial properties,

as well as antistatic properties.

September/October 2007