BJ Textile Processing, Maxim Install Monforts Units

BJ Textile Processing Ltd., India,
has taken delivery of a Toptex compressive shrinkage unit from A. Monforts Textilmaschinen GmbH
& Co. KG, Germany. The machine will be used in the processing of knitwear products. It is the
first Toptex unit to be installed in India and joins two Monforts Montex tenters BJ Textile already
has installed. The company is using the Monforts machinery to process a range of fabrics up to 220
centimeters (cm) wide, and weighing between 140 and 320 grams per square meter (g/m2).

Dyeing and finishing knitwear specialist Maxim SA, Greece, has installed a fully automatic
Montex 6500 tenter with an energy heat recovery system to process difficult fabrics that must meet
stringent customer specifications with regard to quality, response times and price. The new tenter
is the third Montex unit the company has installed since the late 1990s. Maxim is using all three
tenters to process fabrics up to 240 cm wide and weighing 80 to 350 g/m2.

January/February 2007