Stork Prints Unveils Laser Engraving System

The Netherlands-based Stork Prints Group has launched the bestLEN 641X laser engraving system. The
new system features a semisealed carbon dioxide format that offers low gas usage, long lifetime and
low maintenance; a top surface engraving speed of 18 meters per second — making it the fastest
engraver for textile applications, according to the company; a maximum resolution of 2,450 dots per
inch; and a 500-watt laser that allows fine, sharp images.

The system is available in two models: The bestLEN 6412 offers a maximum engraving length of
2,100 millimeters (mm). The bestLEN 6413 is able to accommodate engraving screens up to 3,500 mm
long. Repeat sizes on both models range from 537 mm to 1,169 mm.

November/December 2006