BASF, Arch Form Alliance For Freshness Enhancers

In an effort to enter new market sectors such as home textiles and apparel, the Performance
Chemicals for Textiles business of BASF AG, Germany, and Arch Chemicals Inc., Norwalk, Conn., have
teamed to market Arch’s Reputex™ 20 antimicrobial treatment for cellulosic textiles and its
Purista® label for finished consumer products.

As part of the partnership, the companies will combine BASF’s global textile network and
technical expertise with Arch’s Purista branding efforts and freshness-enhancing technology as they
assist manufacturers that are incorporating Reputex 20 into their production processes.

“The benefits and strong position of the Purista brand open up new market sectors, and bring
BASF closer to the retailer and brand, as well as consumers,” said Michael Schmitt, Ph.D., head,
Innovation Textiles, BASF.

November/December 2006