Genencor Unveils IndiAge® Excel For Denim Processing

Genencor International, Palo Alto,
Calif., has made available IndiAge® Excel — a high-concentrate, high-contrast neutral cellulase for
the textile processing industry, specifically for denim processing.

According to the company, the new cellulase exhibits a high level of performance in a pH
range of 6 to 7.5 at 55°C — a range that is gentle to the fabric; does not impact fiber strength;
and enables less surfactant to be used, resulting in cost efficiency. IndiAge Excel also offers
improved prevention of backstaining.

“Given the global denim fashion trends, the new features of IndiAge Excel offer a more
efficient and simpler process to denim manufacturers, and provide textile auxiliary chemical
formulators with a new level of differentiation in product lines, with more flexibility for
formulation,” said Thomas Pekich, president.

October 2005