Thomson Develops New Antimicrobial Treatment

Thomson Research Associates Inc., Toronto, has developed Ultra-Fresh® Silpure, the latest in its
line of antimicrobial Ultra-Fresh products. According to the company, Silpure provides superior
resistance to fiber degradation and odor through the use of metallic silver.

Silpure uses proprietary nanotechnology manufacturing processes for the metallic silver, and
is applied to textiles at the finishing stage. Using typical application processes on 100-percent
polyester fabrics, plant trials have shown bacterial survival is less than 0.1 percent after 50

“Previous cost barriers to the wider use of silver have been overcome,” said Laval Yau,
Ph.D., president. “Now, silver antimicrobials are no longer confined to niche markets. They can be
used effectively and profitably through the broadest range of consumer products.

July/August 2005