HighRoller Fashions Teams Up With First2Print To Decrease Time-To-Market

HighRoller Fashions, a New York City-based manufacturer of lifestyle and gambling-theme shirts,
selected New York City-based digital fabric printer First2Print Inc. to aid the company in
decreasing time to market of its 2006 product line.First2Print used pretreated silk fabric,
large-format color printers, custom software and specially formulated inks to make the HighRoller
shirts.With First2Prints textile print services, we get beautiful, crisp, clear fabrics in less
than a week, said Brian Smith, CEO, HighRoller Fashions. That gives us a competitive edge.
Otherwise, this sampling process would take 30 to 45 days or longer.The final sample goods are
large-format, digitally printed, dye-based, non-washable prototype fabrications that are suitable
for showroom and retail sales development.

July 2005