DuPont Appoints Glen Raven, GOF Marketing Partners

Wilmington, Del.-based DuPont Ink Jet has appointed Glen Raven, N.C.-based Glen Raven Technical
Fabrics LLC a marketing partner for its DuPont Artistri digital printing system for textiles. Glen
Raven will produce and supply pretreated Solar Max® fabric for use with the printing systems
SolarBrite ink, which provides superior ultraviolet resistance, durability and color-penetration
properties, according to the company.

In addition, DuPont Ink Jet has named Germany-based warp-knitted fabric supplier Georg+Otto
Friedrich (GOF) a marketing partner for the Artistri system. GOF will provide polyester fabrics
some with fire-retardant and waterproof coatings for use with the printing system.

June 2005