BASF Unveils Cyclanon Aftersoaping Agent

Germany-based BASF AG has developed Cyclanon® XC-W, the first aftersoaping agent to prevent
redeposition of unfixed dyes that have become detached from fibers during the washing-off process,
according to the company. When using the new agent, only a single rinsing bath before aftersoaping
is required, compared to three rinsing baths needed when using comparable agents. Cyclanon XC-W is
effective regardless of the water hardness, and even in the presence of salt.

Customer trails of Cyclanon® XC-W showed that it prevents redeposition of unfixed dyes during
the washing-off process (right) when compared to competitive products.

“Our trials to date show that, on average, two rinsing baths and 25 percent of water can be
saved in the exhaust process with Cyclanon XC-W,” said Andreas Bastian, project manager of
Cyclanon. “That means our customers increase their productivity and can reduce production
bottlenecks in the washing-off process. In addition, Cyclanon XC-W provides a consistently high and
reproducible level of fastness.”

April 2005