Cognis Introduces Active Textiles Label

Cognis Deutschland GmbH and Co. KG, Germany, has unveiled new products under its ActiveTextiles
label for use in functional apparel. The new label includes four textile brands that feature active
ingredients derived from renewable natural substances. Repellan® provides fabrics with long-lasting
water and stain repellency. Cyclofresh may be used to impregnate textiles with durable fragrance
molecules, and is especially suited for use as a deodorizer in leisurewear and sportswear.
Securlana provides wool with long-lasting color, form and pilling protection. Skintex®
encapsulation technology enables sportswear, hosiery and undergarment fabrics to be treated with
natural actives that impart caring, cooling and revitalizing properties when worn next to the skin,
according to Cognis.

February 2005