New Color Measurement Software From HunterLab Assures Color Quality

HunterLab, Reston, Va., has recently introduced three software packages that can be used with the
company’s line of color measurement spectrophotometers.

EasyMatch® QC for color quality control features seven configurable data views and uses job
files to store and recall data. It also enables job files to be e-mailed or exported easily to
management software.

EasyMatch OL on-line color measurement software provides real-time data from the SpectraProbe
XE on-line spectrophotometer. It enables a user to operate up to four on-line spectrophotometer
sensors using one server. Multiple client computer users may communicate with the sensors via the

HunterLab’s EasyGroup software option, when used with EasyMatch QC, automatically groups
samples of similar shades together and sequences within each group to minimize color variation.

December 2004