EWarna Granted Patent Previews Color Services

Malaysia-based eWarna recently received its first US patent. The technology identified in the
patent System and Method for On-Line Color Algorithm Exchange significantly reduces time in color
prediction and matching processes, according to eWarna. In other news, eWarna has released a
preview of two functionalities of its Color Services technology Color Search and Color Compare.
Color Services enables color functionalities to be integrated into product development, supply
chain, and enterprise and color management solutions to meet the requirements of customers in all
color-critical industries.

“We want to work with established color-management solutions vendors, independent programmers
and other enterprise solution vendors to create more color-aware applications,” said S.
Subramanian, chief technology officer. This release is the first of eWarna releases and will be
followed by quarterly releases of more functionalities and enhancements.

November 2004