Cotton Art Enables Transfer Printing On Natural Fiber Fabrics

Transfertex GmbH & Co. Thermodruck KG, Germany, in association with The Netherlands-based
Klieverik Heli BV and Denmark-based Dansk Transfertryk A/S, has developed a new reactive printing
technology that enables transfer printing on cellulosic fiber fabrics. The Cotton Art process now
enables transfer printing traditionally possible only on polyester and polyester-blend fabrics on
cotton, viscose and other natural fabrics. First patented by Dansk and developed for the market by
Transfertex, Cotton Art is a combination of the traditional transfer printing process and the cold
pad batch system. Rotogravure technology is used to create detailed shades, patterns and other

Due to lack of heat dwell time, 30 meters of fabric per minute may be printed using the new
process. According to Transfertex, other benefits include reduced use of chemicals and dyestuffs,
as well as reduced sampling costs. The company has developed thousands of designs in numerous color
combinations and variations.

June 2004