UltraScan® PRO Now Available From HunterLab

Reston, Va.-based HunterLab has introduced the UltraScan® PRO color measurement
spectrophotometer. Designed to measure both transmitted and reflected color, UltraScan PRO meets
ASTM International and CIE accurate color measurement guidelines. UltraScan PRO features include
EasyMatch® QC software; 5-nanometer optical resolution, which enables precise color measurement
using dyes with sharp cutoff detailing; a D65 illumination source calibrated in ultraviolet (UV)
and visible regions, which enables accurate measurement of fluorescent colors and whitening agents;
an extended measurement range, which enables measurement of UV blockers and camouflage materials;
diffuse/8° geometry with automated specular component inclusion/exclusion; and three sizes of
sample measurement areas, with automated lens change.


Hunterlab’s UltraScan® PRO color measurement spectrophotometer

May 2004