Lawer Systems Eliminate Handling Of Chemicals

Italy-based Lawer S.p.A., represented in the United States by the Batson Group Inc., Greenville,
has introduced two dispersers that work in combination with Lawer’s SILOS-DOS system to automate
the weighing, dissolving and dispensing of sodium hydrosulphite used in the dyeing process. The
systems eliminate human handling and potential accidents related to such handling of this dangerous
chemical. The HYDRO-DOS system is used in combination with the SILOS-DOS to dispense bulk
quantities of sodium hydrosulphite delivered in International Bulk Carriers. The RBF system is used
to dispense small to medium quantities of the chemical delivered in 50- or 100-kilogram drums.
Dispensing takes place via a single stainless steel pipeline into the dye machine side tanks.

February 2004